Haruna Otoo Cover
Haruna Otoo

音尾(おとお) 春菜(はるな)

Japanese Name

Hyougo Otōo




Female Female



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Personal Status



Hyougo Otoo (husband)

Manga Debut

Volume 5

Anime Debut

Episode 17

Japanese Voice

Junko Iwao

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Hyougo's wife, who went shopping one day for some milk and has since been unable to find her way back home due to her terrible sense of direction. She has occasionally run into other members of the Wagnaria staff, but often mysteriously disappears soon afterwards. In reality, she navigates her way through the sewers, only stopping for milk at convenience stores, explaining why she and Otoo never cross pathsougo Otoo: Haruna's husband. On many occasions when she was lost, he kept looking for her as shown when Otoo told Souta that he had lost her and always bought things that looked like her including demon masks. When Aoi returned with her mother and Haruna, she was reunited with Otoo.


Aoi Yamada: Aoi seems to be the only one capable of finding Haruna every time she goes missing. They have a close relationship for that reason. Aoi also loves Haruna and considers her great. Yamada did not know that Haruna was Oto's wife but considered her the perfect mother other than Yachiyo.

Yachiyo Todoroki: During a lack of ice cream, Yachiyo and Kyouko met Haruna on the way, Haruna asked Yachiyo and Kyouko to go home to her and Otoo, described as being near some park and Yachiyo realized she was Otoo's wife. After once Haruna went to Wagnaria, Yachiyo and Hiroomi tried to stop Haruna from leaving the store, but she was eventually lost.

Kyouko Shirafuji: Kyouo and Haruna meet when she and Yachiyo go shopping.

Hiroomi Souma: Souma and Yachiyo tried to prevent Haruna from escaping from Wagnaria when she got there, and he and Yachiyo used tape and paper to lock the door and ordered Souta to block the window but she could finally escape.

Trivia Edit

  • During a conversation with Souta and Hiroomi, Haruna said that she had crossed a forest and met people with tentacles on her back.
  • By the time Aoi and Kukino returned with Haruna, Haruna would be lost again because she had no milk if her husband Otoo did not claim that he did not drink any more milk.
  • Haruna was an invisibility as a child and it seemed that few people recognized her and even later, until she married Otoo, she was still like that and made Otoo invisible when Yachiyo and Jun said Talk to each other. This is noted when Aoi asked Otoo about the love plug in Wagnaria.

Lines (Quotes) Edit

"Life is going through each other, when we meet again we will feel happy "