Hana Miyakoshi Cover
Hana Miyakoshi

宮越 華

Japanese Name

Miyakoshi Hana






Female Female




157 cm (5'2")


11th July

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status
Base of Works

Wagnaria Resturant


Chief of Staff
High School Student


Daisuke Higashida (Boyfriend)

Personal Status



Youko Miyakoshi (Mother)

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Haruka Tomatsu

English Voice

Nicki Rapp

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Hana Miyakoshi (宮越 華 Miyakoshi Hana) is one of the main female characters of the story, WWW.Working!!. She is a high school student who works at the Wagnaria Restaurant as the floor chief.


Hana has short dark tan hair and brown eyes.

She wears the standard waitress uniform while working at the restaurant. Her school uniform consists of white dress shirt, green skirt and green blazer. She also seen wearing a light-brown coat. By Episode 13, she grows her hair to shoulder length after she finds out that Higashida likes girls with long hair.


Hana is an enthusiastic and carefree person who tends to do things on a whim, such as searching for a bear in the forest and she can also be clueless to the situation around her to a level that she's somewhat unfazed at the strange behavior of her co-workers.

As a Floor Chief, she tends to be strict around her co-workers who doesn't even hesitate to punch the manager in the face and encourages Daisuke Higashida to do the same so he does not become as miserable as the manager. However, she can quickly change her personality to look friendlier when dealing with customers.


Family Edit

Youko Miyakoshi Edit

Youko is Hana's mother

Co-workers Edit

Daisuke Higashida Edit

Hana initially dated Higashida to improve her cooking, but she soon develop feelings for him that they eventually started dating for real.

Kenichirou Sakaki Edit

Hana gives physical harsh treatment to him due to his worthlessness and naive nature decision making.

Sayuri Muranushi Edit

Muranushi had eaten the previous valentine chocolate before Higashida started working at Waganaria.

Shiho Kamakura Edit

Kisaki Kondou Edit

Kisaki makes fun of her intelligence and knowledge by giving her quiz questions which Miyakoshi fails to answer.

Yuuta Shindou Edit

Masahiro Adachi Edit

Takuya Kouno Edit


Kousaku Higashida Edit

Sachiko Higashida Edit

Sakiko Higashida Edit

Mr. Raccoon Edit

Miyakoshi is very fond of Mr. Raccoon where they often went to Higashida's house just to play with it.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Hana means "flower" (華).
  • Hana's surname Miyakoshi means "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya) and "exceed, climb, surpass" (越) (koshi).


  • Before Daisuke Higashida's arrival, Hana's co-workers would bet with Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who would be next to receive her chocolates on Valentine's Day.
  • Hana's birthday could possibly fall on 11 July as seen in the pin code for her passbook.
  • Hana's hairstyle and color is almost similar to Mahiru Inami, the characters in the original Working series.
    • Her tendencies to punch the manager is also quite similar like Inami's in the original series, although Inami's only do it out of impulse while Hana's action is intentional.
      • It is noted that both Hana and Inami debuted in their first screen time almost the same way as in both series, by punching other characters.
  • Hana enjoys making chocolates, especially on Valentine's Day.
    • Unfortunately, they are terrible enough to send people to a near death experience (meeting Saint Valentine from down the Heavens). She tends to choose one of her co-workers and forces them to receive and eat her chocolates that she even willing to go as far as "confessing" to her latest "victim", Daisuke Higashida, just to get him to eat them.
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