Inami's First? Outing!



Inami, Hajimete? no O De Ka Ke!


Inami's First Time Outside
Inami, Hajimete? no O De Ka Ke!

Air Date

May 22, 2010



Opening Song

Someone Else

Ending Song

Go to Heart Edge

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Inami's First? Outing! is the 8th anime episode that first aired on May 22, 2010.


Wagnaria has to close down after a water pipe breaks, and Popura suggests going to an onsen. Sōta initially plans not on going due to having to air out some umeboshi, but his sister Nazuna tells him that she will take care of it. While Kyōko said she was going to drive the girls, she ends up oversleeping and by chance Satō meets the girls while driving to return some DVDs and offers to take them. While his car runs out of gas on the way, Kyōko drives up and the girls take her car instead, leaving Satō behind. Sōta and Sōma take on a bus, and meet up with the girls after arrived. Sōta offers to take care of Inami, while Sōma is with Popura and Yamada, and Kyōko is with Yachiyo.

At the end of the day. they want to make a wish at Kappa Fountain. Its said that if the water flows like waterfall, then your wish will come true. Popura wishes to be taller, and the water flows through the verge of Kappa statue which means it's hard to make her wish come true. Inami wishes her androphobia to be cured, but water didn't come out from the statue, which means her wish is impossible.

When the girls are going back home, Inami thinks that Sōta was indeed very nice to her, but was rude when she hit him. Both Sōta and Sōma are driven back by Satō.

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